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Chris Shepard

March 15, 2018

We really enjoyed our experience at Seven Oaks shopping for an engagement ring. My fiance and I went in and Brooklyn taught us all there is to know about jewelry over the course of several visits. Don't even bother trying to outsmart her when it comes to jewely knowledge, you'll lose. It took us 7 trips over the course of a month to design our ring and the staff was always very friendly and patient with us. The process had zero pressure and the store is very calm and relaxing. They also didn't push us to try and purchase super expensive diamonds. Over all I am beyond pleased with my experience and am now engaged to a woman wearing the most beautiful ring on Earth. Thanks again Brooklyn!

Kaylor Carter

February 21, 2018

Seven Oaks ended up being the only place we shopped! They were so kind, thoughtful, helpful and knowledgeable. We loved that when we decided to custom make a ring, they were able to design it on the computer and make a 3D print of it so we knew exactly what we were getting. Brooklyn provided fabulous service and made us feel very welcome and helped with all of our needs. She made it easy for us. We loved our experience here and got a beautiful ring!

Dallin Holt

April 30, 2018

Definitely the place I would recommend to anyone looking for world class service, product and expertise. Prices are more than fair and I can’t say enough how happy my fiancé and I are with the ring. The entire Oaks Family was amazing to work with throughout the entire process.

Nate Gottfredson

April 2, 2018

My fiancé showed me a picture of the ring she wanted and I took it into Seven Oaks and they helped me make the EXACT ring she wanted. It turned out perfect and she loved it. Seven Oaks also helped me find the best price for diamonds and gave me exactly what I wanted

Alex Agee

May 12, 2018

The last review given was my roommate! I met his diamondologist Jessica at my work and she encouraged me to stop by! I am so glad that I did it was a great non high pressure experience that let me find something me and my new fiancé find the perfect ring for us!!! Thank y’all so much!!